Hi all,

It's been a while, eh? Muse still kinda abandoned me, but I'm trying my best. The lovely Aviya Glass awarded me this lovely award, so that's kinda spurred me on to make a post, and get things moving a little forward again. Thanks hun!! :o)

The requirements of this are; I must thank the person who gave me this (yay hun!!) and link their blog... done and done. ;o) Now... 10 honest things about myself. Ooohhh... have to watch what I say here. LOL.

1. I'm always down on myself.
2. I'm constantly tired.
3. I am unique and different - and proud of the fact.
4. Sometimes I just want to be left alone.
5. I need constant stimulation - can't just sit and watch telly for example.
6. I don't like to think, as thinking can be bad sometimes.
7. I love heavy metal music, but also have a little guilty pleasure in country music.
8. My brain sometimes can't cope with life.
9. Most people find me funny. Probably both haha funny and strange funny. :op
10. It takes me far too long to do things sometimes.

Okay... if that hasn't scared you, well done, lol.

I award this to the following people/blogs who I find awesome.

1. Autumn Rose Crafts
2. A Perfect Mess
3. Beads by Laura
4. Buffys Charms
5. Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics
6. Raspberry Cupcake
7. Pearls and Whirls
8. OOAK Fairy fae Sculpture
9. Murano Silver
10. Lazy Daisy Glass
11. Jolicious
12. Jan's cards and crafts
13. Craft duo

And I'll leave it at a lucky 13 people. lol. ;o)

Rach, x
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